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Imagine walking into a store, it’s run-down, dull, old and the sales associates take WAY too long to help you out. Are you making a purchase or getting the hell out?

By 2020, there are expected to be over 2 billion online shoppers. Let me say that again for the people in the back … 2 BILLION. So why are you so indifferent about your website? Why don’t you care about its load speed? Why is it lacking all the features that separate you from your competitors? Well here’s the reality you are faced with: Your site is your new store, the doorless store, and what you do with that knowledge can change the trajectory of your business forever.

You are completely missing out on a powerful lead generation tool, your website.

I want you to ask yourself one simple question: what is your website doing for you? If your site is just a digital version of a business card (all it does is tell us who you are and where to contact you), then you are completely missing out on a powerful sales tool that’s right at your fingertips. So often I find most businesses are way behind when it comes to their online presence.

So let’s break it down and see how you could be slacking in your website game and what you can do to change that.

First and foremost, you have to start looking at your site as if it’s your new store (because it is). When someone walks into your physical store, you want them to think it looks clean, modern and well organized. Likewise, when someone visits your virtual store, you would want to give the same impression. I see so many websites with skewed images, outdated software, confusing layouts, and SLUGGISHLY slow loading speeds. Would you stay in that store and shop? Probably not. And I don’t blame you! Most people wouldn’t linger around for too long. So, having a good aesthetic, a clear layout that’s easy to navigate, and an efficient website host can instantly make your visitors more attracted to you as a business and the products and services you offer. Don’t believe me? Well, there are a ton of reasons why people buy the things they do. One of them, obviously, is the price point. 36% of consumers say this was the factor that made them pull the trigger. But the next leading reason is that they preferred a website, at 30% of consumers citing this as their reason to buy. You heard that correctly, the ergonomics of your website are almost as influential as the price you set for your product or service. Why would you neglect such a powerful asset? Is there anything else you could be missing out on?

Yes, there’s more… much, much more. 

With today’s tools, you don’t have to be a techie to have a great web presence.

Before we touch on some more aspects of your doorless store that are passing you by, I’ve got to come out and say this now. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE TECHIE TO DO THIS. The tools available today are more user friendly than ever.  However, if you want to spend your time on other important business strategies, that’s what we are here for, to work with you. We will help you design or refresh your site, make it fast, smooth, stylish and easy  to navigate.   So don’t be intimidated by the technology, embrace it in the right way and it will work wonders.

Beyond having a website that looks nice and is well designed, what other features would you like to have in your doorless store? Here, let’s use our minds and do a thought experiment:

Imagine you have a physical store, but you have never been inside the store while customers were shopping. You don’t know how many people come in, how long they stay, where the most traffic is, nothing. How do you know where to place your sale signs? How do you know what’s working and what’s not? How do you know who your customers are?  You don’t. 

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a tool you could use to track all of these things and then some? Well, it’s your lucky day, because there is. Google Analytics can provide you with priceless data about your visitors, who they are, what pages they visit the most, what ones they visit the least, how long they stay and more. This could be the tool that starts to turn visitors into prospects, and prospects into customers. We can supply you with a monthly report giving you all the information you need to make important decisions that actually make a difference in your conversions. No worries, if you’re not comfortable, we can make those changes for you.

Okay, so your store is looking nice, you know who comes in and who goes where. Now, what if you could keep in contact with these people even if they didn’t make a purchase? Well, does your doorless store have a way to capture visitor information? Like a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is a highly valuable offer that you provide for your site visitors such as a coupon or a coveted piece of information.  In return for that valuable offer, you get their contact information. A “top 5 tips for x” or a “how to do y in 15 minutes”, something your customers are interested in (and you know what they like because of Google Analytics ). Once you get their email, you can continue the conversation long after they’ve left your site. And get this, the top 3 methods for lead generation are email, events, and content marketing. How could you pass up a tool like this?!? You can’t!

Essentially, we are creating a doorless store for you with built-in sales tools that can make a MONUMENTAL difference in the path of prospect to customer.

This topic is honestly much deeper than I can get into in this blog, but the message is clear: your website is your virtual store or office, it’s incredibly important and there are COUNTLESS tools that can give you something priceless: a site that’s working for you, even when you’re not.

Get in contact with us at Workbea and let’s start your transformation today.

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