Our Process Makes Sure They Work

“I’ve done Facebook or PPC ads and they just don’t work.”

We hear this all the time. Our usual process before taking on a client is to do some homework to make sure we can help them. 99.9% of the time we find ads that aren’t optimized aren’t targeting the right audience, spending the right budget in the right areas, or using the right keywords. Sometimes it’s a messaging problem.  Ads work, that’s why big tech makes billions of dollars off them because someone is deploying them properly and winning. 


Here’s our process:

  1.  We do the homework before ever spending your money. We’ll identify keywords, locations, and audiences that are relevant to your ideal customer.
  2. We’ll run our findings through some litmus tests to check our findings.
  3. We’ll spin up an ad with a very small budget to do some A/B testing. We test messaging, imagery, audience, locations etc..
  4. We’ll scale your budget slowly on the winners of our A/B testing, watching conversion rates closely. 
  5. Once we find that sweet spot, we go full throttle on your full budget.
  6. Weekly, we’ll perform conversion optimization to make sure you’re not missing out on any opportunities. 


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