You   ROCK at what you do. Yet all the pieces of your online business are overwhelming you .


Meet Your Online Business Managers (Workbeas)


What is an online business manager? It’s someone who handles the operations and tech for your online business. 

Some of the cool stuff we can do for you

We’ll help you set up the processes, systems, metrics, and tech for your online empire. Launching your program or course takes coordination, organization and people who will drive the process while you prepare the content for distribution.  We’ll help coordinate the elements of your launch, integrate your tools and make sure the complex puzzle of tasks, parts of the projects and stakeholders work together seamlessly.



Email, scheduling, onboarding. We’ll make stuff talk to each other and work so you don’t have to. 

3 Ps

Process, Projects and People.  We’ll help you develop the systems and manage them.

Life Support

Stop wrestling with tech and tools, we got this. It’s what we do, focus on what you do.

Search Engine Optimization

Every page of your site will be optimized for search. Your website traffic will increase and you’ll convert more leads. 

Website Maintenance

Add pages, update content, load course or membership content.

Email Marketing

Drip campaigns, scheduling, and managing the content calendar.

Metrics & Reporting

Your reports, your client’s reports and the metrics you need to give you a pulse check.

Funnel Management

We’ll help you build and manage a digital funnel so you get a steady flow of new clients.

Plus much more. We’ll handle the tech, tools, and set up so you can handle your business. 

It’s time to get out of the weeds and into the future.

Hek yeah, I need an OBM

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