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The obvious–  We can help you sell physical products and digital downloads too! Got an idea for an E-Book? If you could write 5-10 pages and sell it for 1.99 and you sold one every day that’s 1k in sales a year. What if you sold 5 a day? What if you sold it for 5.00?  That’s the beauty of creating one and selling many.

1. Subscriptions–  Companies like Netflix have created entire markets with subscriptions. You may not know the first thing about streaming media, but is there something your customer needs frequently?   Service subscriptions, product subscriptions, warranties?

2. Memberships–  Can you offer an immense amount of value regularly to offer memberships?  Hey, Sam’s Club made a membership model out of retail! If they can charge people to shop in their store, you can certainly come up with something much more valuable to your current customers or reach a target market who would otherwise not be your customer. 

3. Training–  Your expertise is highly valuable. What types of training can you offer your industry or your customers that you could charge for?  For example, if you make service calls, is there a way for you to offer your customers a portal so they can repair their own product?  Can you offer training for your staff and then sell it to competitors outside your area?

Can you digitize your own expertise and offer it to the public? There are lots of people who do this and even more people who are willing to pay for the knowledge, especially from someone who has done it or is an expert.


Here’s what others have to say!

Carrie Klauk, CEO, Stretch Labs of WNY

If it wasn’t for Lisa and her team, we would never be where we’re at opening our third location. She helped me quit my full-time job and fill my business schedule. 3 years later, we purchased the franchise of our dreams. 

Roger, CEO, WNY Health Education

Lisa and her team have helped us grow our business over 30% month over month. They’ve built us websites that allow us to serve our customers and automate our processes

Suzanne K., VP Marketing, Cornerstone Community Federal Credit Union

Lisa and her team are helpful, professional and very accommodating! They have great attention to detail

Coffee always works, anytime. You name the time and day. 

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