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This isn’t just digital marketing, it’s business transformation.

We help our clients solve problems, uncover new opportunities,
and create better experiences. We believe every small business should have the resources and opportunities to realize its full potential.

We do digital different. Creativity meets process.

Web & Social

You'll able to connect with your prospects on every platform and have the tools to keep your current customers engaged.


Give people the experience they expect in today's digital world. E-Commerce and online automation.


Automate marketing processes and redundant tasks that keep you from reaching your full potential.

Digital Marketing


Website Design

Landing Pages, E-Commerce SEO, Full sites and DIY Training.

Lead Generation

Our strategic approach to understanding your business  helps us identify high potential opportunities that begin online and translate to offline relationships and real leads. Social media management and community building. Facebook Ads, Facebook Pixels, Instagram and LinkedIn Ad Campaigns. A/B Testing.

Content Strategy

Our process to understanding your customers helps us deliver relevant and actionable content in all digital channels at various stages of the customer journey.

Digital Transformation


Business process

Forms, application, registrations, and easy online interaction

Customer Experience

Online ordering, payment, and self-scheduling.

Business development

The sales process has changed. Cold calling and traditional solution selling is a thing of the past. Let us help you automate your prospecting with evergreen funnels and digital interactions. Be relevant.

Digital Business

Your ability to scale your business without increasing your expenses will greatly depend on how you automate your business processes and how aggressive your business development activity is.  Most businesses barely have enough time to manage the work they have let alone go out and get more.   You can't make more time, you have to find it. If you have more time, you can go out and make more money.  We can help you leverage the web for marketing, process, and sales.

find new customers quick

Want new customers quick? Find some big coattails.

There’s a lot of creative ways to generate leads and gain find new customers.   Some are pretty effective; some take a lot of time and effort, while others just use gimmicks to coax people into buying something.  All have a place.  If you’re a new small business, the...
Google Apps and Chrome Extensions

The Trouble With Too Many Tabs

In one her blogs, Lauren Moon summarizes the scientific evidence that multitasking negatively affects the brain. She points to a study by the University of Sussex that shows multitasking actually reduces the gray matter in our brains- making us less focused and less...

Grow Your Business While Bootstrapping

Wikipedia's definition of "Bootstrapping." Bootstrapping in business means starting a business without external help or capital. Such startups fund the development of their company through internal cash flow and are cautious with their expenses. No matter what stage...
Time Management

5 Whys for Meetings

Before we teach leaders how to run productive meetings, think about this.... The business environment is time poor and we have to question everything we do that doesn't directly move us closer to the goal. All meetings should be questioned first.   "WHY/WHEN" one...
Social media for wedding vendors

Wedding Vendors Need To Read This!

Brides are using Social Media to plan their wedding activities and find wedding vendors.  You may be using Social Media today to promote your business, but there's a science behind the process. In 2017 we saw lots of changes in the algorithm on Facebook and Instagram...

The Bitter Truth About Facebook For Business

Have you ever sucked on a lemon and felt your face pucker up? That's how we felt when we heard Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook say "We're making a major change to how we build Facebook.." The news feed is changing again, in a big way. For the casual consumer of FB, this...

Cold Calling Is Dead

People don't want to be sold. As a matter of fact, being "sold" is uncomfortable for many.   People don't like getting sales calls. They don't need a sales rep to tell them how to solve their problem. This is a far cry from years past when your slick salesperson comes...

Ideal Client Part 1 – Know Thyself

Find Your  Ideal Clients Part 1- Know Thyself First. There is a great article by Stephen Sheinbaum. It starts with: "How many times have you said, “My business could get really big if I could just find the right clients”? If you have, you’re not alone: There’s not an...

LinkedIn Training-Beyond The Basics

You are already active on LinkedIn but there so much more to know about this powerful platform. We'll take you beyond the basics and into the hidden treasure trove of features you can use on LinkedIn to amp up your business development.  You'll Learn:  How to use...
office politics kill productivity

Office Politics-Lipstick On A Pig

Fair warning- this may be a bit of a rant. How often have we heard someone deliver an  unpleasant truth and they try to dress it up, spin it, or reframe it in a way that's more pleasing to the ear?  Have we become so politically correct at the office that we just...

Marina S. VP, Project Disbursement Group

Thank you Lisa and crew for the amazing service and work that you put into creating my website! I recommend them 100% for efficiency, creativity and response to all my 1000 questions and requests!

Corey M, President CM Productions

Lisa and her team have assisted with everything digital from helping CMP get over 7k followers in less than a year on social media and providing us with tools by Google to automate our registration process. The team at Workbea is second to none and it has been an absolute pleasure working with them!.

Michele B., Owner Squeaky Clean Of WNY

We spent 10 months working with thier growth consultant and doubled our sales by the end of the year. Social media campaigns and referral programs helped us achieve our stretch goals. If you are a small business like mine and need the extra help and expertise, you won't go wrong with Workbea.

Martin H., Human Castle Executive Search

They are business drivers who can simplify technology so that it will work for you

Chris C,. President, Alps Catering

Responsive, professional, and generated results Thank you Workbea Team!

Dan M,. President, CRB Radio Detroit

Quick, responsive, and friendly.  They had our broken site up and running overnight.

Larry Q., President LJ Quigliano II Excavation

They are really great at what they do!

Paul F., VP Infusion Nurse Experts

Passionate ! Very responsive. This team of intelligent people get it done and they get it done excellent!!! I highly recommend Workbea!!!

Jason M., Owner, Sunpath Skylights

Results, results, results! Followed up on 3-month-old tradeshow leads and landed us 12 appointments that resulted in some great sales!

Martin H., Human Castle Executive Search

They are business drivers who can simplify technology so that it will work for you

Chris C,. President, Alps Catering

Responsive, professional, and generated results Thank you Workbea Team!

Dan M,. President, CRB Radio Detroit

Quick, responsive, and friendly.  They had our broken site up and running overnight.

Sally R., President, Curves Fitness

Lisa is one amazing woman! She really cares about you and your needs and delivers the best solutions. You will be treated in a very professional and friendly matter, and you will feel like you are the only person that matters when she is helping you!

Ann M., VP, BV Construction

Cannot thank you enough for your prompt and professional upgrades, so glad we decided to reach out to you! It won't be long before we speak again, thank you so much!

Kristin S. President, NYSBA

A big THANK YOU for all your hard work for the New York State Builders Association Officers Installation. You made everything so engaging!

About Me

I'm Lisa, founder of Workbea.

I've been growing businesses for over 20 years. I have implemented and designed tech and strategy for some of the most popular brands in the world. I decided to start Workbea because it's my mission to help teams realize their potential through the power of the internet and automation.   With a background in Lean Process and Sales, I understand how operations can impact sales.   I've assembled a team of freelancers who work side by side with us who understand speed, ease of use, and simplicity gives businesses a competitive advantage. We're hyper focused on the results, not the fluff.

  • Business Growth Experience
  • Technology Implementation
  • LEAN Process

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