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We build your hive and fill it with honey

Your Work Is Our Passion

You’ve worked hard to get where you are. Long hours and years of building.

You  know you can’t get to the next level with the current  sales and marketing process.  In order to grow they way you want, your digital marketing will need to be startegic, focused and percise.  Imagine having a team of workerbees to help you execute all of that or even better, automate all of that.

This is digital marketing that works as hard as you do.


Lead Generation

Sales pages and funnel construction around your customer’s journey. Lead generation is part of a strategic paid ads campaign. FB, IG, and PPC.

Social Media Management

You will get a Social Makeover and a strategy for lead generation on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Search Engine Optimization

Every page of your site will be optimized for search. Your website traffic will increase and you’ll convert more leads. 

Audience Analytics

With Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels set up you’ll be able to understand what your prospects are looking for and who they are. 

Website Development

We build world-class websites on WordPress with the functionality you need to automate your processes. 

Email Marketing

Email is still number one when it comes to digital marketing.  We’ll help you build your list and set up campaigns for sales. 


Our talented copywriters will help you create an inbound marketing strategy with content that educates and converts your prospect.

Workshops & Training

No marketing budget? No problem. We have a library of online training to help you be your own digital marketing guru!

Because Happiness Is Selling While You’re Sleeping


Lead Generation Process



Assess Opportunity

A complete opportunity assessment

Identify The Audience

Your target market

Unique Value

State your unique value proposition


Create Offer

Create an offer your target can’t refuse


Distribute through marketing channels


Capture your leads


An efficient process that ties everything together

1. We’re going to find all the opportunities for you in your online space. We’ll talk about what’s happening in your industry and uncover emerging trends. 

2.  Together, we’ll indentify a target audience and build a digital journey for prospects that leads to an automated lead capture system.  

 3. Positoning is important in order to differentiate your business. We’ll help you craft a unique  value proposition to garner engagement from your target audience. 

4. We’ll help you create an offer and set up systems to communicate with prospects.

5. Distribution and delivery plan for your message and your offer. 

 6. The customer journey leads to your lead capture system, fully integrated into your website and your life. 



Get a FREE opportunity assessment

We’ll look at your digital footprint, tell you what you’re doing great and let you know where there is opportunity for lead generation!

Your industry, your customer and the nuances of your work  will determine key performance metrics to measure results. 

You get all the tools for successful digital marketing.  


A world-class website built on WordPress


Marketing automation


Google Analytics installed and reports coming to you monthly


Your brand perfectly executed


Social media integration for visitors to follow and share


Keyword Research and on page SEO


Lead Magnets and Opt Ins


Ad Campaigns That Convert

 “According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat

 Wanna be friends on Facebook? Jam on Instagram? Get in on LinkedIn?  Let’s pollinate on the interweb together.

No Budget? No Problem. We offer DIY training!

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Social Media Marketing


Digital marketing is changing everyday.  Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn constantly update their software in a way that gives small businesses a disadvantage. Google’s complex ranking factors make it near impossible to keep up.  It’s not your job to monitor Mark Zuckerberg or solve the myster of the Google aglorythm. Your job is to grow your business. Let us help you get there. 

Connected and Cohesive Strategy Using The HEx Process

 It’s just not enough to have a digital strategy anymore. Business have to have a strategy for a digital world.  Your customer expectations have changed and the journey to transaction looks much different than it used to. How will your business adapt to the ever changing environment?

Having a website and being on Facebook just isn’t enough anymore.  You need to activly build your community, interact and engage.  A fews years ago, you could do all that in house, today, the game has changed and it requires more strategic planning, more hands on deck and savvy execution.

Mary Friona-Celani, CEO, Totally Buffalo, Journalist, News Anchor

Thank you to Workbea and Lisa– the best in the business! If you need any web work – call them!!! 

Marina S. VP, Project Disbursement Group

Thank you Lisa and crew for the amazing service and work that you put into creating my website! I recommend them 100% for efficiency, creativity and response to all my 1000 questions and requests!

Jennifer Cooper, President, Cooper Sign Company

I am thrilled with my new website and looking forward to working with you again on a local non-profit church website!

Suzanne Kenedy, VP Marketing, Cornerstone Community Federal Credit Union

Lisa and her team are helpful, professional and very accommodating! They have great attention to detail

Ann Moon, VP, BV Construction

Cannot thank you enough for your prompt and professional upgrades, so glad we decided to reach out to you! It won’t be long before we speak again, thank you so much!

Maureen Kemeny, CEO, LifeSwitch

I’ve worked with Lisa on developing certain business skills, like networking, social media strategy and funnels. She is incredibly knowledgeable and effective. Lisa stands apart from other business strategist in her sincerity and honesty. It is an absolute joy working with Lisa and I highly recommend her. She’s the real deal.

Corey M, President CM Productions

Lisa and her team have assisted with everything digital from helping CMP get over 7k followers in less than a year on social media and providing us with tools by Google to automate our registration process. The team at Workbea is second to none and it has been an absolute pleasure working with them!.

The Queen Bea

I’m Lisa, founder of Workbea.

I’ve been growing businesses for over 20 years. I have implemented and designed tech and strategy for some of the most popular brands in the world. I decided to start Workbea because it’s my mission to help teams realize their potential through the power of the internet and automation.   With a background in Lean Process and Sales, I understand how operations can impact sales.   I’ve assembled a team of freelancers who work side by side with me who understand speed, ease of use, and simplicity gives businesses a competitive advantage. We’re hyper focused on the results, not the fluff.

  • Business Growth Experience
  • Technology Implementation
  • LEAN Process

Larry Q., President LJ Quigliano II Excavation

They are really great at what they do!

Paul F., VP Infusion Nurse Experts

Passionate ! Very responsive. This team of intelligent people get it done and they get it done excellent!!! I highly recommend Workbea!!!

Jason M., Owner, Sunpath Skylights

Results, results, results! Followed up on 3-month-old tradeshow leads and landed us 12 appointments that resulted in some great sales!

Martin H., Human Castle Executive Search

They are business drivers who can simplify technology so that it will work for you

Chris C., President Alps Catering

Responsive, professional, and generated great results for our  bookings and events. Thank you Workbea Team! 

Dan M., President CRB Radio Detroit

Quick, responsive, and friendly.  They had our broken site up and running overnight.

Sally R., President, Curves Fitness

Lisa is one amazing woman! She really cares about you and your needs and delivers the best solutions. You will be treated in a very professional and friendly matter, and you will feel like you are the only person that matters when she is helping you!

Michele B., Owner Squeaky Clean Of WNY

We spent 10 months working with thier growth consultant and doubled our sales by the end of the year. Social media campaigns and referral programs helped us achieve our stretch goals. If you are a small business like mine and need the extra help and expertise, you won’t go wrong with Workbea.

Kristin S., President, NYSBA

A big THANK YOU for all your hard work for the New York State Builders Association Officers Installation. You made everything so engaging!

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