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Work Smarter. Grow Quicker.

Your time is too valuable to be managing all the technical aspects of your online presence.  Yet, your customers expect a digital experience.

We help our clients solve problems, uncover new opportunities,
and create better experiences. We believe every small business should have the resources and opportunities to realize its full potential.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing that will give you the ability to generate more qualified leads and build an online presence that gives you a platform to deliver your products and services. You’ll grow quicker.

Website Design
Landing Pages, E-Commerce SEO, Full sites and DIY Training. It’s not just about having a website, it’s about making sure you get found.
Lead Generation
Our strategic approach to understanding your business  helps us identify high potential opportunities that begin online and translate to offline relationships and real leads. Social media management and community building. Facebook Ads, Facebook Pixels, Instagram and LinkedIn Ad Campaigns. A/B Testing.
Content Strategy
Our strategic approach to understanding your customers helps us deliver relevant and actionable content in all digital channels at various stages of the customer journey.

Digital Transformation

Business process automation that will streamline your business for simplicity, You will increase service quality, improve service delivery or contain costs.  You’ll work smarter.

Business process
Forms, application, registrations, and easy online interaction
Customer Experience
Online ordering, payment, and self-scheduling.
Business development
The sales process has changed. Cold calling and traditional solution selling is a thing of the past. Let us help you automate your prospecting with evergreen funnels and digital interactions. Be relevant.

Work Smarter. Grow Quicker

Your ability to scale your business without increasing your expenses will greatly depend on how you automate your business processes and how aggressive your business development activity is.  Most businesses barely have enough time to manage the work they have let alone go out and get more.   You can’t make more time, you have to find it. If you have more time, you can go out and make more money.  We can help you leverage the web for marketing, process, and sales.

We do digital different.  Process Meets Creativity.

It’s not just digital marketing, it’s business transformation.


We’ll help you get laser focused on defining your business goals and objectives.


We’ll bring the options and the tools for you to choose from that will help you meet your goals.


We’ll help you redefine the way customers see you, find you, and interact with your brand.


We’ll help you build your online presence, an online community, and a funnel of new prospects.

We’ve Got You Covered


Website Functionality

Social Media Management

Audience Analytics Google & Social

On Page SEO For Conversion

Copywriting That Resonates

E-Commerce- Sell Online & On Social

Websites & Landing Pages

Email Marketing & Drip Campains

We Make it Easy to Connect With Users On Every Platform

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We do digital different.

It’s translating online interaction into  offline transactions.

We increase capacity by digitizing and automating process. You can scale your business without increasing expenses or sacrificing service and margins.

Let’s Get you Out of the weeds and into the future

The future

Give your customers what they expect.

You’re no longer competing for wallet share, you’re competing for time and attention. The sales process has changed and the way people make buying decisions has evolved. Have you?   Customers are more demanding and decisive than ever. To compete successfully, you must transform your business into an organization that truly knows the customer and delivers individualized solutions that wow. The art of good business is in achieving a high level of effectiveness (doing the right things) with efficiency – thereby delivering the right service for the customer, while remaining cost-effective. We can help you develop new frameworks to understand the value you create for customers—and the value that different types of customers create for you. 


  • Instant access to key information
  • Membership/registration and customer account integration
  • E-Commerce
  • Live Chat
  • Online transaction and interaction

Intelligent Solutions

Give your team the time they need.

Intelligent automation is helping companies reimage the way they do business and interact with customers. These advances reveal new paths for doing business, drive down costs, redefine workforces, and free resources to encourage exponential innovation. Our intelligent automation services and a team of professionals who help companies digitally transform to achieve success in a digital world.

  • Online forms, applications, and registrations
  • Automated workflow
  • Self-serv scheduling
  • Easy online ordering and payments
  • Recruiting automation

Business Growth

Your Partner In Growth

You don’t just get the creative genius, you get growth expertise. We are a team made up of technologists and business development gurus who know how the few critical tools a business needs to scale. How do you extract maximum value from operating model changes brought about by digital transformation? We help companies understand and balance the impacts of intertwined challenges tied up in going digital—including changing customer behavior, technological adoption—to ultimately help improve profitability.  As your digital marketing consultant who understands the “customer journey,” we offer strategy, implementation, optimization, and training across your multi-channel marketing activity to increase visibility, traffic, and conversion — maximizing your digital marketing return on investment.


  • Customer journey mapping
  • KPI development
  • Change management
  • Customer avatars
  • Lead conversion

Work Smarter. Grow Quicker

Are you getting the ROI you're looking for?
When you get right down to it, the ultimate goal of any marketing effort should be ROI. After all, if your digital marketing spend isn’t driving profitable revenue for your business, then you need to rethink your strategy or your vendor? Contact us for an analysis of your online marketing effort.
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Our Team.

We work with  some of the best Freelancers in the US. 

About Me

I’m Lisa, founder of Workbea.

I’ve been growing businesses for over 20 years. I have implemented and designed strategy and implementation for some of the most popular brands in the world. I decided to start Workbea because it’s my mission to help teams realize their potential through the power of the internet and automation.   I have assembled an amazing team of professionals who are ready to help you work smarter and grow quicker.  We work with some of the area’s most talented Freelancers.  We can access highly specialized skill from all over the US. 

  • Business Growth Experience
  • Technology Implementation
  • LEAN Process

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