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We love talking about all the cool stuff we do.  But our clients say it better.


E. Rodreguez, Director of Marketing, ICS- Cloud Solutions

Workbea Digital is the best marketing decision we have made in years! Lisa is a wealth of knowledge and has been so helpful ( even before we spent a dime), she has given us the guidance we needed to successfully launch and manage our Google Ad’s campaign. Within the first month of working with Workbea we saw 4x’s the leads we have seen in the last 2 years with Google PPC. If you aren’t partnered with Workbea, you aren’t working at your full potential. Workbea is the digital marketing partner that is an extension of your team. They don’t disappear after the invoice is signed, instead they research, guide, and help you achieve the one thing we all want and need ROI!

Sometimes folks want to know how the magic is done.

Our method is philosophy and process.

The Hex Methd


A method of LEARN, CREATE, DEPLOY-DISTRIBUTE, AQUIRE, SERVE has helped hundreds of businesses grow online.


web designer


Be a student of the customer


Create campaigns based on what we learn


Campaigns through channels


Customer aquisition comes naturally


With great passion and purpose

Rinse & Repeat

Our Method Is Based In Our Philosopy


→ Your website should be more than a digital brochure. It should be an extension of your sales and your operations.

→ Your entire digital footprint should be working for your business, even when you’re not.

→ A website is a business’s most valuable piece of digital real estate. It should be developed, maintained, and farmed for harvest.

→ Good digital marketing prioritizes, optimizes, and builds pathways to conversion in an omni-channel, omni-present environment.

→ Great marketing can always be tracked back to sales



web designer



What Our Clients Say


Carrie Mae Smith

Thanks Lisa!!!!

I wanted to share that although my “business plan” took an unexpected turn (away from selling prints), working with you helped me tremendously, it pushed my career forward (and increased my revenue)! Working with you and Michelle was a huge turning point for me, and I am forever grateful!

Greg Herzog, CEO, UWE

I hired Lisa and the team to help with lead generation and pay per click ads. I worked with several marketing companies and none were able to deliver the results Workbea has. It’s been amazing and I wish I would have found them 10 years ago. They are responsive, creative and find us new opportunities every week. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Carrie Klauk, CEO, Stretch Labs of WNY

If it wasn’t for Lisa and her team, we would never be where we’re at opening our third location. She helped us hit home run after home run. They helped us automate processes that gave us the ability to serve more clients. I would highly recommend this team to help you grow your business with digital marketing and automation.

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