Small Enough To Care,

Big Enough To Deliver

Some crazy smart people here. 

It’s not just digital marketing, it’s business transformation. 

Why choose us for Your digital marketing?


We get to know your business and industry so we nail it.


Small enough to care and big enough to deliver results.


Hyper responsive. The internal calendar is always second.


Expertise in business growth offline and online.



Queen Bea

Web and SEO




Expert Content Marketer

Learn more about Cassie 



Social Strategist

Social Media and SEO



Project Admin

WordPress Super User and Creative Admin

Learn more about Kelly




Ads Strategist and Funnel Master

Learn more about Taylor



Relationships and Communities

Building Partnerships and Contractor Recruitment

Our Commitment to you

  • We will always go the extra mile because we know you can go anywhere else.
  • We will respect your time and your budget because we know what it’s like running a business.
  • We will do whatever it takes to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your site.
  • We will always be on the look out for opportunities for you and alert you when we see them.
  • We will maintain your site or train you to maintain it yourself.
  • You will own your site files and assets. If you ever choose to leave us, you don’t have to ask for your content. It’s yours.
  • We will use tools that are user friendly and transferable.
  • We will always and we mean always appreciate your business, not matter how big we grow.

We are passionate about  results and service.

Responsive, dedicated and talented.

We  build sites and content management platforms that strengthen your business and your brand. Your story and your business will move people into action. Your site won’t be marketing speak, it will breathe life into your values, culture and personality.

There’s a lot of noise out there and it’s hard to stand out, we’ll strategize with you and pivot with you until we find the “sweet spot” where your pages speak to the hearts and the pain of your prospect. 


Not just techies, business growth experts (and coffee snobs).

Marina S. VP, Project Disbursement Group

Thank you Lisa and crew for the amazing service and work that you put into creating my website! I recommend them 100% for efficiency, creativity and response to all my 1000 questions and requests!

Suzanne Kenedy, VP Marketing, Cornerstone Community Federal Credit Union

Lisa and her team are helpful, professional and very accommodating! They have great attention to detail

Corey M, President CM Productions

Lisa and her team have assisted with everything digital from helping CMP get over 7k followers in less than a year on social media and providing us with tools by Google to automate our registration process. The team at Workbea is second to none and it has been an absolute pleasure working with them!.

The Queen Bea

I’m Lisa, founder of Workbea

I’ve been growing businesses for over 20 years. I have implemented and designed tech and strategy for some of the most popular brands in the world. I decided to start Workbea because it’s my mission to help teams realize their potential through the power of the internet and automation.   With a background in Lean Process and Sales, I understand how operations can impact sales, positively or negatively.   I’ve assembled a team of freelancers who work side by side with me and understand that speed, ease of use, and simplicity gives businesses a competitive advantage. We’re hyper-focused on the results, not the fluff.

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