Small enough to care. Big Enough to deliver

Why choose us


We get to know your business and industry so we nail it.


Small enough to care and big enough to deliver results.


Hyper responsive. The internal calendar is always second.


Expertise in business growth offline and online.

Not just techies, business growth experts.

We are passionate about  results and service.

Responsive, dedicated, and talented.

We  build sites and content management platforms that strengthen business and your brand. We create campaigns and content that move people. We develop strategies and experiences that elevate your visibility and engage consumers.

There’s a lot of noise out there and it’s hard to stand out, we’ll strategize with you and pivot with you until we find the “sweet spot.”  We work one on one with our clients via video conferencing, phone calls or in person meetings to make sure we are communicating and responding to their needs.  We’re passionate about technology and stuff, but we’re hell bent on YOU. 


I’m Lisa, founder of Workbea

I’ve been growing businesses for over 20 years. I have implemented and designed tech and strategy for some of the most popular brands in the world. I decided to start Workbea because it’s my mission to help teams realize their potential through the power of the internet and automation.   With a background in Lean Process and Sales, I understand how operations can impact sales, positively or negatively.   I’ve assembled a team of freelancers who work side by side with me and understand that speed, ease of use, and simplicity gives businesses a competitive advantage. We’re hyper-focused on the results, not the fluff.

  • Business Growth Experience
  • Technology Implementation
  • LEAN Process

What makes us different?

We work smart.

We use technology and the internet combined with lean process to help you find new opportunities, serve your customers better, and scale your business. It’s not just digital marketing, it’s business transformation.
Businesses who don’t digitize their processes and automate will struggle to be profitable.  It’s not so overwhelming when you have a team of worker bees with you to get it all done.uff.

Let's talk about your work.

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