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Most entrepreneurs get it wrong. They get it really wrong when it comes to using social media to market the business. They spend lots of time on social media and when there isn’t any results, they say “it doesn’t work.” or “you have to have a big budget for ads to show up.”

The ads part is definitely true. The platform has overhauled the algorithm so much that business pages have become a “dead horse.” Unless you’re a content genius or a comedian, you’re unlikely to show up in anyone’s feed organically. Ok ok, enough with the Debbie downer stuff. Like anything else in life, we adapt. We can always pivot strategy to the new reality whatever that may be. We’re business owners! The pivot is our favorite dance!

The biggest misconception about Social Media is that it’s a selling tool. That’s only half true, it can be. Let’s remember what it’s intended purpose is… a SOCIAL tool. Think of getting on social media the same way you think about attending a networking event. You show up, you use your manners, you introduce yourself and your business, but you don’t spend the entire evening talking about your products, services, locations and hours! 

1. Use the 80/20 Rule. Only 20% of your posts should be about your products or services. When it comes to engagement, spend 80% of your time engaging AS your business (not you personally) on other businesses posts. 20% of your time talking about your business and what you’re selling. Total time 5 minutes. Be strategic with who you engage with.

2. Spend a few minutes being of service –  If someone is asking for help or has a question, spend a minute or two offering your expertise or answering a general question.

3. Scroll  your groups and interact for 2-4 minutes – READ THE RULES OF THE GROUP FIRST, and network.  Groups on FB or LinikedIn are great ways to make new connections, and establish rapport. Contribute authentically.  5 minutes total a day in one or two groups.

4. Impactful Posts –  Give them what they want. You can create the content or share it from another source. Shared content form another source that meets your objectives take minimal time. It’s called curated content. If you create the content yourself, do one of these three things: Entertain your audience, Inspire your audience, Educate your audience. If they liked your page or joined YOUR group it’s because they are expecting to gain something from it. Give it to them.

5. Stop working for Facebook – Share a link to a piece of content from your site. Getting people on your website from a Social Platform is SEO GOLD!  Always drive people to YOUR site instead of keeping them on Facebook.

6. Set up ads and spend ZERO Time on Social Media Marketing –  You can opt to spend 75-100 bucks a month on a paid FB ad and spend NO time on social media.  Install a program on your phone and PC like Rescue time to track the time spent on social media. If it’s more than 3 hours a month, run an ad and drive folks to your website. Mission accomplished and you save a boat load of time. **Disclaimer- only do this if you know your target market well and you have a FB Pixel tracker on your site.

Only spend 15 minutes a day on social media, IF that.  Don’t scroll into the abyss or fall down the rabbit hole, Alice.  As an entrepreneur, your time is so limited, parachute in, get the job done and then GET OUT!  Here’s a few tools to help you be more effective.

Bitly – Create, share, and track shortened or custom links.

Buffer’s Blog – In-depth tutorials, studies and resources on how to make the most of your social media presence.

Buffer Stories Creator – Free web-based tool to create Instagram Stories.

How Many Shares – Enter any URL and get a total count of how many social media shares it’s received.

SocialRank – Find and analyze your followers on Twitter and Instagram.

Soldsie – Instagram captions and photos are not linkable. Soldsie uses your profile link to showcase your content and make your photos link to content your fans are trying to find.

Hootsuite Manage  3 accounts for free

Tweriod – Get the best times to tweet based on your and your follower’s activity.

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