There’s been much discussion and frustration about Facebook’s algorithm (FBA) changes in 2017. We’re sharing some tips to help you stay connected as well as make sure your business page gets noticed.
Below are three changes that really got attention and how to adapt.

  • In 2017 FB started prioritizing posts that get lots of engagement. Also, the FBA will upgrade posts on subjects that are timely or trending. So that friend who rarely posts and doesn’t get much engagement; you may not see. Here’s what you can do. Click HOME at the top of the screen. Find “Newsfeed” on the left. There should be three little dots. Click on the dots and chose “Most Recent” This will help you see things important to you that were just posted rather than what’s popular. OR visa versa.
  • FB also changed what ads you see. Good in some aspects because spammy ads are no longer allowed. Any ads with profanity or stereotyping won’t be approved. Ads with questions such as “Do you have diabetes?” or “Are you tired of the same old….?” will likely get held up or flat-out denied.
  • Asking for likes is a big no-no. So sharing your business page and asking for likes, won’t get much exposure. FB wants to make sure the content being shared is authentic in nature and not just for the sake of getting more likes. The philosophy is good. “If your content is authentic and interesting, likes will come naturally.” In 2018 you’ll need to up your game and create posts that draw in the reader…..authentically.

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