Updating to WordPress 5.0 

Wow! We weren’t sure what to expect with the WordPress 5.0 Update. Like anything else, the unknown is always scary. Even us techies have the jitters with this. It’s a major update that
1. Has to be done
2. It’s straightforward
For those of you who aren’t familiar with updating in WordPress, we recommend you get a pro to help. There are still many plugins out there that haven’t released versions compatible with this update. So far 50% of our sites are updated and it’s only been a week, so we are being cautiously optimistic because we installed the “Classic Editor” until we can be 100% sure of things working under every situation.
One a high note, the new Gutenberg editor seems to be pretty good.
Here’s an infographic we put out to help folks with the process. 


1.  Back up your site!  We recommend Updraft plugin. You can schedule back ups of your site weekly. If you don’t have a Google Account, set one up and store your back ups there.
2.   Create a staging environment so you can test things outside the live site.  Your hosting provider may provide this already or you can use a plugin like WP Stage Coach
3. Check the version of plugins you have installed and go to the developer’s website to see if they have a version ready to work with 5.0.

4. Update your Theme and plugins before updating wordpress. Do this on the staging site.  

In the infographic below, we wrote this before the official version was released.  You should have a message on your WP dashboard that is prompting you to update to the new WordPress. 

If you want to play it safe, before you update, install the classic editor plugin. This can also give you a little time to get your arms around everything. 

If you’re just unsure and uncomfortable, give us a call and we can help. 1-413-438-2482 or email info@workbea.com