Before we teach leaders how to run productive meetings, think about this….

The business environment is time poor and we have to question everything we do that doesn’t directly move us closer to the goal.

All meetings should be questioned first.   “WHY/WHEN” one should call a meeting. Have a checklist of inflection points that should prompt a meeting.  If there aren’t major decisions to be made, complex ideas to be explained, or red flags aren’t being raised: “update” me in an email because I trust you.

I suggest doing a ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS for meetings! 5 WHYS…. a majority of them would be eliminated if we addressed root cause first.  Think of the time savings there! Shaving just a few minutes off a day can add up to thousands of hours each year. What can you do with an extra few hundred hours this year?

We can help you do that and understand what that time savings translates to in dollars and opportunities.   If we can’t bring you impactful results, we won’t take your money.